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Icing A Christmas Cake In Pictures

You need a clean work surface and it is optional whether you use a mat.  A silicon rolling pin is best.  If you do not have a turntable then cut a circle of baking paper and an alternative for smoothers is a piece of ready-to-roll icing wrapped in cling film.  Start by levelling your cake.  On each side use a ruler to measure the desired width which in this case is 2”.  Make a mark with the knife and do this on each side.

When all four sides have been marked, cut through with the sharp knife.  You then need to prepare the board the cake is going to sit on.  Spread some of the apricot jam on the board, keeping to the centre as you do not want it squirting outside the cake.

Sit the cake on the jam, making sure that it is central.  Using small pieces of marzipan fill in any ‘holes’ that might be caused by the fruit in baking.

Knead the ready-to-roll marzipan to soften it.  Dust the surface with either icing sugar or cornflour and roll out the marzipan to the desired thickness.

Using a ruler measure the width and depth of each side of the cake and cut out four strips.  Spread some apricot jam on to the marzipan strips and then affix to each side of the cake, pressing gently.

With the top of the cake, repeat the process, but this time measure the size of the square that is required.  Spread the jam on the cake and then affix the marzipan.

Use smoothers or a piece of ready-to-roll icing in a piece of cling film to achieve a smooth finish as shown in the photo.  Ideally, the cake should be left one or two days before applying the icing.

Select the fondant you wish to use.  In this case it is Culpitt ready-to-roll White.  Break off a section and hold over the cake to assess whether or not it is going to be enough.  Using cornflour, dust the work surface and roll out the icing ensuring there is sufficient to cover the top and the sides.  As you are rolling, check that the fondant is not sticking to the surface.

Using kitchen towel, just dampen the marzipan – you don’t want it too wet. Pick up the fondant with the rolling pin [a bit like wall-papering] and place over the cake.

Using your fingers press the fondant against the edge of the cake and then with a palette knife cut found the edge.  Use smoothers or the fondant in cling film to smooth the edges.


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